Blue Streak Electronics has established the following criteria for evaluation and engineering of the Mass
Airflow line. Evaluation is separated into 6 different criteria and any vendor chosen must meet these
demands for it to be implemented into our line.

Blue streak Electronics achieved ISO 9001 in 2001 and TS 16949 in 2007. Operating under these standards ensures the highest level of consistent quality for all products leaving our facilities.

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[accordion-item title=”Functional testing”]
This is divided into 4 stages of testing, all of which will test the sensor to its fullest. Under ambient air temperature the sensor is tested from minimum to maximum air flow in 10 different points. All other tests are associated with varying degrees of heat being applied to the sensor as well as airstream. This is in attempt to see how the unit will respond under the direst conditions. All of these tests are put through the same varying amount of air across the sensor.
[accordion-item title=”Thermal testing” icon=”star”]
Thermal testing requires that we heat just the sensor element at a constant airflow rate varying the amount of heat being applied and calculating any changes in the output. We increment our heat from room temperature to the maximum allowed by the OE manufacturer.
[accordion-item title=”Thermal stress”]
Thermal stress requires that heat the element to maximum temperature and put the sensor into ambient airstream. We then measure the time it takes for the sensor to come back within specification.
[accordion-item title=”Power supply” icon=”star”]
We examine the ability of the airflow sensor to respond to different voltages and its ability to provide a stable signal.
[accordion-item title=”Power consumption”]
The amount of current the sensor is using is measured and compared to the manufacturer’s specification.
[accordion-item title=”Signal stability and vibration” icon=”star”]
Under low airstream, the sensor is subjected to extreme vibration and 30 measurements are taken. The sensor has to fully perform under these conditions.