Blue Streak Electronics specializes in remanufactured automotive electronics. This is our focus and the foundation by which we are able to provide quality products and innovative solutions to an ever evolving and complex service industry.



Blue Streak Electronics has over 750, 000 cores and an OEM SKU count well over 11, 000. What does this mean for our customers? Basically, you’ll get what you want, when you need it.



Global Presence

Since we have actual remanufacturing facilities throughout the world and not just warehouse, we have access to rare or specific applications worldwide. Along with those applications, we also have the technical expertise from those countries to support the product and the ability to offer rebuild and return programs.


Research and Development

Worldwide, 20% of our staff is directly involved in research and development. This is very high by industry standards, but necessary to insure the highest remanufacturing quality, the most up to date database of O.E. information and maintaining our advantage by providing innovative solutions to our customers. As a result, Blue Streak was able to offer flash programming years ahead of our closest competitor. As they told everyone it was not necessary, we were providing our customer with the tools they would need tomorrow.

This commitment also applies to the development of our diagnostic equipment. We have a very dedicated team that understands the needs of the aftermarket service industry and is committed to providing information and solutions.

Verification of product is done on actual vehicles by our development team. This is the only way to ensure product quality and reliability.


Advanced Test Equipment and Repair Practices

All modules and sensors undergo an extensive computerized functional test that simulates a complete drive cycle. Electrical circuits are stressed as they would be under true operating conditions while various tests are performed to analyze their reaction to temperature, vibration and diagnostic communication.

The detail to quality and reliability is ever more evident in our circuit repairs and upgrades. Critical circuits with common component failures are 100% replaced prior to the initial verification. Upgraded components are used to improve circuit reliability and performance. A complete board reflow process is used to ensure reliable circuit performance, not just a spot reflow as performed by our competitors.


Quality Commitment

Blue Streak Electronics ISO9001certified remanufacturing process insures the highest level of consistent quality for all products leaving our facility, well above any other competitor.

This commitment also extends to the development of our diagnostic equipment and related products as well as our service and the support we provide.


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