In addition to the most complete line of module coverage in the aftermarket, Blue Streak Electronics offers programs that can suit the needs of the aftermarket.


Critical Core Program

“Critical Cores” are modules that are available at our US and Canadian remanufacturing facilities. Simply phone or fax your order before 12 noon EST and it will be shipped out that same day. If the “Critical Core” module is a programmable type, you will be required to provide:

1. Vehicle VIN #
2. Year, Make, Model, Fuel Type (Gas or Diesel)
3. Transmission Type
4. Systems Options (Saturn Only)
– A/C
– ABS/Traction Control
– Cruise Control
– RKE (Remote Keyless Entry)
– SIR (Airbag)
5. Tire size
6. Emissions (Federal, California, etc)


Rebuild and Return Program (R&R)

For those hard to find modules that are not available anywhere, simply ship us your defective module and we will repair and return it within 24 hours after entering our facility.


GM PROM Replacement Program

Normally, the PROM is simply transferred from the defective module to the replacement unit, but sometimes this is not possible. The PROM might not be available because the computer was stolen, lost or the PROM was damaged. Another reason for replacing your old PROM is solving drivability problems with an updated calibration.

This is where we come in. Simply phone or fax and we’ll get it out to you that same day.


Instrument Panel Rebuild and Return (R&R)

Like the module R&R program, the Instrument Panel R&R program works the same way. Simply ship us your defective instrument panel and we’ll rebuild it and ship within 24 hours.


Flash Reprogramming Program

This program is similar to the PROM replacement program, but for programmable modules with FLASH technology. This basically means that the embedded calibration software can be updated without removing any components from the module. All you have to do is send the module to one of our North American facilities with the necessary information and it will be returned with an updated calibration. See Locations for the nearest Blue Streak Electronics North American facility.

This service is also available by one of our distributors equipped with our iflash system. Contact your local Standard Motor Products representative to locate the nearest iflash facility.


Technical Assistance

Accompanying each module and tool that leaves our facility is a support staff of knowledgeable customer service and ASE-certified technical assistance professionals ready to support our product every step of the way. From simple application information to difficult diagnostic troubleshooting procedures, we are here to help get the job done, the first time. Please forward and questions to

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