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Iflash: Release on 09-Apr-2014

Version :
BSE Driver Version : 2.1.18

For step by step installation instructions, Click here.

Iflash Driver Utility:

Version : 2.1.17

For step by step installation instructions for the iflash driver utility, Click here.

Misc. Instructions

Iflash setup.

   Installation instructions for iflash 5.30

Wifi configuration setup.

    Wifi configuration instructions

Iflash Driver Utility setup.

    Iflash driver utility installation instructions


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Ford Programming

If you are using the 2534 Global Programmer unit with the Metal Case (Purple and Black cover) and currently having problems with the latest Ford programming software, you need to update your current iFlash 5.30 version to make it compatible with Ford FMP85. Update is not necessary for VCI with Plastic Case and Blue Cover.
Necessary steps to update:

1. Install the latest iFlash Package by selecting "iFlash Software Update" within the iFlash program (Please skip this step if you have already installed the latest iFlash package).

2. Download "BSEDriverPackage_2_1_7.zip" from the link: http://blueshield.bsecorp.com:8713/Download/dlApp?strApplication=BSE%20J2534%20Driver

3. Extract the downloaded Zip file by right clicking on it then selecting Extract All…, once extracted click on the "setup.exe" file.

4. Update is complete. Please proceed to Motorcraft website and download Ford software.
1. Save the Blueview.exe file to your computer.


2. Close all programs including iFlash and any security software.
3. Make sure you have administrator privileges on your PC.
4. Run Blueview.exe from your computer and follow the installation screens.